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question (free space) & 3 requests (description, warning, trigger 'setup.exe')

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  • question (free space) & 3 requests (description, warning, trigger 'setup.exe')


    How much space free is required to run Rollback RX Free?

    I understand this might be a difficult question because it all depend on user behavior regarding usage of it's system.
    I have a notebook with a partitioned SSD, I tried to keep the OS part as small as possible but just leave enough space to run RX normally.
    Currently the notebook has 65GB reserved for windows and the only applications installed are: Office 2016 and Chrome.
    The notebook is used for Browsing and Office only and it has 38,5 GB free space left. The RAM is 8GB.
    I was wondering if the OS space could be shrinked about 15GB more without compromising the behavior of RX negatively.
    I have 3 snapshot's set on the machine and will making a 4th (final!) snapshot.
    I will from time to time go back to the 3th snapshot, update the notebook (windows update) and create a new 4th snapshot (deleting the older 4th snapshot).
    The operating system is Windows 10 professional pro 64bit.

    Each snapshot can be given a short description, could it be made possible to give bigger/larger descriptions.
    A few lines in stead of one. (multi-line input field).

    Each time the user reverts back to an earlier, give the user a head-sup about the applications that will be undone/removed.
    Some applications require an online re-activation, an uninstall is needed to properly deactivate some applications.
    The head sup could be:
    - show a list of installed applications prior to revering back to an earlier snapshot
    - or just show the description of a snapshot, in which the user has set an reminder that certain applications
    needs to uninstalled. This means the description needs to be larger/bigger (see '1')

    The free version of rollback triggers itself on "setup.exe" to create a new snapshot.
    I had constant crashes with this. I eventually resolved it (for now) but it is still very annoying to have it constantly having to pop-up.
    It still might interfere especially when doing a clean reinstall meaning you are going through several "setup.exe".
    Some application setups spawn different "setup.exe" meaning rollback is constantly popping up.
    Could there be an option to temporarily postpone the triggering on "setup.exe" (if it can not be removed).
    For example have an option to postpone triggering for 20 minutes.
    - This could be an very welcome addition for users who might encounter problems (crashes) with this triggering
    - It avoids troubling/annoying the user.
    Another option could be to have the user optionally disable this behavior.

    Would you please consider to pass this on to the support/development team.

    Thank you.

    I posted this in the wrong topic earlier:
    (Please delete that topic).

  • ShainalR
    Hello r0n,

    Thank you for your response. RollBack Rx itself doesn't take up much disc space at all, as it only uses up to 20mb or 7% of your hard drive space. Once you start creating snapshots and install new software or Windows updates on your PC, then that's when it will start to take up more hard disc space. If you need more information on how Rollback calculates and uses disk space, feel free to send me an email:, and I can help you with that. In terms of your request mentioned on the post, I will pass it on to our development team and hopefully they will make those changes in a future build release.

    Thank You

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