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Windows 10 Build 1703 Won't Roll Back At Reboot.

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  • Windows 10 Build 1703 Won't Roll Back At Reboot.

    I installed RollBack Rx Home and I simply cannot get it to rollback at reboot. I turned off fast boot and disabled antivirus per support chats tips but any changes I make during a session stay there after reboot. Any tips? Also, anyone have this working on Windows 10 build 1703?

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    Are you trying to schedule a task that will rollback your system every time you reboot? From the task scheduler menu, it looks as if one could do that, though I don't know why one would want to. If you have scheduled such a task and it isn't working, I can't help you. I have no idea why it would fail. Otherwise, if you want to rollback your system only now and then, the menu under "common tasks" does allow you to do that. This doesn't happen automatically, however, since most people naturally don't want it to most of the time.