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Issues Using Rollback RX Freeware With Partitioning And Or Image Restore

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  • Issues Using Rollback RX Freeware With Partitioning And Or Image Restore

    Single Boot configuration of Windows 10, 32Bit.

    OK folks, I need some help here. Maybe answering my question would lead me to the right knowledge and direction.
    As you know, I am using the Home Edition - Freeware, and these are my issues.

    Due to the kinda things I do, once in a while, I need to re-partition the drive.
    1. I have one drive with partitions 'C' for my OS, 'D' for my data. Whenever I re-partition 'D' (without altering 'C'), I would not be able to boot to Windows 10.
    2. I always create backup images of my PCs with two different backup softwares. Every time I restore my system partitions from the image, my Rollback RX will be corrupt, I will lose all my snapshots, or I will NOT be able to boot back to Windows 10. Here, it will mess up my boot loader and the only would be to rebuild my MBR (in majority of the unfortunate cases). On rare occasions, repaired Windows 10 with the OS repair disc.
    3. Can the snapshots be backed up?
    4. Where are the snapshots saved in the PC?
    5. Any boot-disk for Rollback Freeware?

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    Hey caxtin!

    Allow me to answer your questions here.

    1. If you have RollBack Rx covering the partitions/drives, then unfortunately re-partitioning will result in a problem. Usually rolling back will resolve the issue, but even so I do not recommend doing so with RollBack Rx installed.
    2. When RollBack Rx is on the drive the system is not going to be the same, and as such traditional backup software will not be able to capture the snapshots of the program as well as the MBR configuration to properly redirect to RollBack Rx and not Windows. You would need to utilize our backup solution Drive Cloner Rx instead, as the program knows of RollBack Rx and adjusts the backup accordingly.
    3. Only with Drive Cloner Rx and choosing to run a Full Backup of the drive with Snapshots included.
    4. They are stored on the sector-level of the drive. Not Windows file level, and not accessible other than through our software.
    5. I'm not sure what you mean exactly. Do you mind elaborating here?



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      Sam, thanks for the information.

      I guess I would have to go back and read more on the Drive Cloner RX on exactly what and when to use it.

      5. When I first started using the RollBack RX Home, I had issues with the "Home" button during startup. It seems now
      it seems to be working for me on the two PCs I have been working on. What I was really asking is, in case the RollBack
      window never come on to be able to revert to a selectable snapshot, if there is a 'boot-disc' one can use to boot up the PC
      so as to select a snapshot. Why, in a handful of situations, I have had the PC am working go to the 'blue screen' asking
      me to replair Windows. If I had a "RollBack Boot Disc" I would just revert to a snapshot. Hope I am clear enough.

      Thanks for your time.


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        Sam, it seems you were insinuating the better way would be to use Drive Cloner to back up since it also takes the snapshots with it. So, am screwed in using other backup apps.

        6. What would be the best app to use in backing up the MBR?
        7. When my system was just looping endlessly from boot through Rollback RX Home to screen or error, how would a backed up MBR come handy?



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          Hey caxtin,

          That is definitely an interesting idea. I will be sure to pass that boot disc idea on to the developers! Thanks!

          6. I would recommend Drive Cloner Rx when paired with RollBack Rx for any backup of the system.
          7. A backed-up MBR wouldn't come in handy here, but a backed-up drive with your data and snapshots intact would be!