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«reboot restore rx» run in a loop after the installation!!!

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  • «reboot restore rx» run in a loop after the installation!!!

    Hello everyone, i have install reboot restore rx on my parents computer and i am now unable to go back to windows.
    Immediately after completing the installation I restart the computer and since that time it runs in a loop.

    I tried to reformat the system by going through a usb key, I try with the reinstallation system. Nothing works the system no longer wants to know anything about starting on anything. He always returns to this picture and runs in a loop again and again! Please Help me!!!

    I still have one option I dont try it is the dvd recovery! But I do not have any at the moment

    Ps: Sorry for my english i'm a french Canadian! loll

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    Hey Jeff13th,

    This boot-loop is best resolved by pressing the HOME key when the Reboot Restore Rx splash screen appears and from the subsystem Uninstall the software.