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How to (if possible) to change where the snapshots reside

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  • How to (if possible) to change where the snapshots reside

    Example: I have a 500GB drive. Baseline snap is 250GB. drive is now nearly fully due to baseline snap.

    Can one direct RX Rollback to post the snapshots to another drive? Thus saving space.

    This would make more sense especially if the primary drive had a digital myocardial infarction

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    Hello JustDana,

    Unfortunately not. The snapshots will always be stored on the C: drive.

    Do note that the first "Installation Snapshot" size does not indicate the size of the snapshot, but rather how much data on the drive the snapshot is protecting. The snapshot size will be roughly 10% of that.



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      Thanks for your reply and the thousands of others that i've seen HDS needs to give you a raise. HDS has a good solution if you are doing a kiosk kinda deal where you need to fall back to a previous image to keep the machine clean. It fails on protective back up since your snaps are the drive that could fail. Failure of the primary drive would lead to zero possibilities of any type of recovery.

      Do the other versions give an option to keep a viable snap or data off the primary drive so it can be recovered in case of a failure?


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        Hey JustDana,

        Thanks for the kind words! You deserve a high-five for being awesome.

        I understand your frustrations with the software, and you're right in your assertions. If there is failure of the primary drive then all is lost with RollBack Rx itself. If you pair it with Drive Cloner Rx v6.0 there's the opportunity for you to take a full backup of the system with RollBack Rx's subsystem and snapshots intact. I would test the software in demo mode first to see if it works with you.