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    I recently piloted the freeware version of Reboot Restore Rx (current released version). I'm having trouble with the Windows Update service on Windows 10, 1903. The Shield service appears to be disabling and stopping the Windows Update service when Reboot Restore Rx is closed. The only way I can run Windows Update is if I close down Reboot Restore Rx and Stop & Disable the Shield service, or uninstall Reboot Restore Rx.

    I noticed that somebody else had reported this problem on this forum. There was a temporary solution of disabling a GPO that turns off Windows Update, but I can't seem to locate this group policy setting. Where does this policy reside?


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    Unfortunately, this is a bug I also encountered a few months ago with version 3.2 and I tried to report it, but never got anywhere. I've tried searching for GPO and even dumped reports using gpresult but Reboot Restore Rx Free hides the changes and they don't appear in GPO at all. In actual fact, it seems to hack the Registry somehow and even when I manually removed the registry hacks with RRRx disabled, it immediately added them back and killed the Windows Update service.

    When I tried to report it as a security vulnerability two months ago, I never really got a reply back other than to say it's a bug caused because the engine was copied over from the Pro version into the Free one and no-one removed the code responsible for doing this.

    I've also tried the suggested solution of doing ShdCmd.exe /watchWU /disable /u (username) /p (password) however it failed me and is impossible in the Free version because the ShdCmd.exe executable doesn't exist.

    I've given up since then and moved away to other options. I only created this forum account to share my experience