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Re-activating to create a baseline outside of the Admin account.

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  • Re-activating to create a baseline outside of the Admin account.

    Currently trying this on a new PC slated to go to an "Older Adult" Center (for the participants to basically surf the web, maybe print something), the good part was it installed, went to the other account removed a bunch of software and restarted, they're all there as intended, but sadly, upon restart, it's asking for the Administration password & login, which I don't want them to go "Well, we can't use it, it wants someone else and I don't know what that is."

    So, my question is, how to re-activate to create a new baseline when from their Guest login (which I've severely limited), so when it does a restore, it will return to the same account and not ask for the Administration password. This is a test to see how well this will work, but so far, I cannot use it if I cannot get it to swap accounts. My only other thought would be to uninstall and install it with the Guest account using an elevated Admin "dos box" and restart that way, it then would remember the baseline from that account. A delayed or "HOME" key pressed a few times to signal the software to "update the baseline now", would be useful, so then the admin could log out, log into the account (that isn't password protected) and push the "HOME" key a few times, then the window would come up saying it's creating the baseline, then a restart should put the machine right back into that account.

    If this is too much, possibly a -command on an exe installed with the software in the Shield folder, to offer a means to signal to "activate", then it would ask for the Admin account and wouldn't work if any other account was logged in.


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    Hello Guru,

    With the freeware, there's no real way to do that within the program. However, I believe there are ways to work around this using windows itself (registry entries) or I think a command line to force guest accounts to autolog in.