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Windows Ten Home 1709 O.S. build 16229.125. and secure boot signed driver files

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  • Windows Ten Home 1709 O.S. build 16229.125. and secure boot signed driver files

    Hello, I used the Reboot Restore Rx free on my laptop as I looking for software that works like steady state. My ASD Nonverbal son has been using an old XP pro machine and for 12 years. It has been a great machine that outlasted his abuse. Sadly not even keyboards and mouse lasted as that system. Anyway, He has a refab think pad. I tried your free software last Wednesday 13 December 2017. My system specs With 8gm ram and with windows ten home 1709 os build 16229.125. When I installed the software windows pop up to say, drivers not signed. Two messages of unsigned drivers. So I restarted after the software was done and get the Rx splash screen. Then no windows ten just a BSOD. Then restarted the laptop and enter the bios as I had this type of BSOD. UEFI drivers not signed. So I change the secure boot too legacy. Rebooted and the Rx screen showed up and another BSOD. So I restarted the laptop and nothing on the startup no bios. So I had to troubleshoot six hours on hp web page to find the problem. It Possible to have this software to run on a UEFI secure computer with USB. As my son use's USB keyboard mouse with the wifi adapter. My son past history with O.S. XP destroy system files and windows didn't boot on startup. The public school teacher for his class was warned by me to not give him an admin account and be watched every second of his computer time. Well, That day come and the teacher was fired. School IT could not track what he did and the school lost network for three to six months for his class. I hoping this Reboot restore Rx free software will save time for me. My next root, if this doesn't work, copies an image of his Hdrive and most nights reimage the drive. I also like to know if I make his account can I have bookmarks for him even when I have to restore the system like I could with the steady state? Anyway, after I reinstalled the bios files and started windows ten. I uninstalled Reboot Restore Rx free. I was hoping to learn about how Reboot Restore Rx free works and test it out before installing on my son desktop.
    Thank you.

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    Hello WETH,

    Thank you for your response and apologies for the situation you've encountered with installing our free version of Reboot Restore Rx. Just to get started, what version of Reboot Restore Rx freeware do you have installed when the issue occurred in the first place? It sounds like the unsigned driver message you saw was an issue that we recently fixed with version 2.2 of Reboot Restore Rx according to this knowledgebase guide: You can create bookmarks and have Reboot Restore save them for you by disabling protection, save your bookmarks, then enabling protection again to update the baseline. Here is another knowledgebase guide on how to do this for you as it works much better then steady state since our software works outside of the operating system as well: