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RR RX does not see partitions when installing

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  • RR RX does not see partitions when installing


    I'm new to the forum, hopefully somebody here will be able to help me out. Thank you for reading!

    I'm currently trying to install RR RX on an Asus EEE 1005px notebook with a new, clean Windows 10 install.

    When I run install, the installer does not find any partitions. The selection screen is empty.

    I've had contact with support about this before, they suggested Bitlocker was turned on, but it is not. I also do not have a DPT drive.

    Any suggestions how to solve this?

    I searched the forum and did not come up with anything useful. So I'm sorry if I'm posting a known issue that has been discussed before.

    Thanks in advance for any help, it is greatly appreciated.

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    Hello RikNL,

    Thank you for your response. If you can please submit us the four log files in a support ticket for your Reboot Restore installation, that would be greatly appreciated! We will also need your contact information such as your phone# and e-mail address since we may have to do some additional troubleshooting for you. Here's our knowledgebase guide below on how to do this:
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      I took a look at the log myself and it seems my partition table is corrupt. So that's the problem.