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Windows 8.1 64 bit problems.

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  • Windows 8.1 64 bit problems.

    I have tried many times now Reboot Restore RX freeware on my system (Windows 8.1 64 bit non-professional version) but I end up always uninstalling it because of a few issues:

    1. After activation it hangs the system for a few tens of seconds and on top of any window I get "Program does not respond" message, then after about 20 seconds the system starts working fine. This behavior is also present when booting with the RebootRestoreRX activated, immediately after windows starts and I see the desktop, the system freezes for about 20 seconds. But when RebootRestoreRX is disabled the system works fine without this hanging time.

    2. If RebootRestoreRX is activated and I want to restart the system, it stops the procedure and reports that a Scheduled Recovery is still active and asks me if I want to go on restarting anyway. This Scheduled Recovery is no longer present during restart if RebootRestoreRX is deactivated.

    3. If RebootRestoreRX is activated when windows starts, all my tray icons appear like I haven't set them to be hidden and I have to customize them again to be hidden. Of course on the next boot I have to customize them again, each time windows starts the icons get reset to their default value "show icons and notifications", although I have set them to "hide icons and notifications". And I have set them with RebootRestoreRX disabled so that the image would get updated with the icons hidden, but no, on the first restart with RebootRestoreRX activated, all icons are again set to be visible.

    4. Also I have noted that the drive's space continues to shrink on each windows restart, with about 100 Mb per restart. I know this was an old bug which was fixed, but apparently it still manifests itself although I have installed the latest build present on site.

    My system is a AMD FX8350, 32 Gb DDR3, 1xSSD Intel 120 GB, 2x1TB HDD WD in RAID 0, 1x1TB WD and 1x3TB WD. RebootRestoreRX activated only on drive C:\ and D:\ (SSD and RAID 0).
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