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MS Vista won't boot after reboot Restore RX

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  • MS Vista won't boot after reboot Restore RX


    i've got a little problem :

    I'm in charge of PCs having regular problems, due to the fact so many users are doing stupid things with. I tried Reboot Restore Rx to solve this. It was great, so I decided to clone a clean PC to others.

    Windows Vista on a 160 Go HD.

    Three partitions :
    • 40 Go FAT 16 for diagnostics (Windows did it)
    • 80 Go NTFS for boot on system (Windows did it)
    • 40 Go NTFS for saving data (I did it)

    I clone it in a image with CloneZilla on an ext HD, then cloned back to a second PC :

    It boots, Reboot Restore Rx goes on, then Windows Vista won't boot :
    'Missing operating system'

    I have checked the system partition with CloneZilla, it's alright, flagged as 'Boot'…

    How can I solve this ? Any idea ?

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