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Surface Pro "ran into a problem" after installing RR

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    I think I may have stumbled on something. Surface Pro4 WIN10 build 1607 with latest MS patches and firmware. When I installed RX and did NOT choose to restart, I received several messages about the Shield Drivers not installing due to they were not digitally signed. I tried to disable the driver issue via startup but this did not seem to make a difference. Neither did making sure TPM was disabled or the drive encryption being turned off. see attachment. I am wondering if since the drivers are not installed, when the system boots it is not seeing the HD.
    ‚ÄčALSO not sure if this plays a part, when a fresh install if WIN10 1607 Enterprise installs it creates 4 partitions. I am not sure ir RRRx is configured to look at all the partitions or just the fat32. image1.jpg