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Reboot Restore RX - Saving Local Files

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  • Reboot Restore RX - Saving Local Files

    Hi -

    I'm new to using this program and plan to use it for home use for my relatives that don't know anything about computers but are good at installing spyware/malware over time and would like to avoid time in fixing/formatting the computer periodically. This would be a Windows 10 computer.

    My question is more on saving local files once I have a solid baseline. For example, if my grand mom created a word document in word and saved it how can I ensure that word file is saved after reboot?

    Thanks for any insight!

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    Hello Phantomstar,

    Unfortunately, with Reboot Restore Rx installed saving files on the local drive won't be possible. It will capture the entirety of the drive and restore it to the predefined state on every reboot.

    Instead, you can try a few things:

    1. Have them save files on a local USB or a separate internal/external drive.


    2. Try RollBack Rx Home Edition instead. This program will take snapshots of the system you can load into in case of emergency, but will not remove any local data until you run the restore yourself.