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Reboot Restore hanging up on restart

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  • Reboot Restore hanging up on restart

    I have used your program for quite a while on a number of PCs and to date has been brilliant. However just recently have had one particular issue on two machines.

    On startup Reboot Restore freezes on the Reboot Restore logo and will not go any further.

    If I press Home and uninstall the windows logo comes up but fails to boot all the way into windows, the only way I have been able to resolve is reinstall Windows on the first PC.

    All hardware passes the hardware diagnostics, no infections, Windows updates turned off so that I can install them at a time that suits me.
    This has happened twice in the past week on two separate PCs exact same build specs (Intel i5-4690, 8Gb DDR3 Ram, 1TB Western Digital HDD, Windows 10 64bit, Asrock H110 mainboard)

    The second PC gives me a message "Crash detected restore from backup" when I click OK reboot restore shows the progress bar when then stops at 83% and gives a message "Insufficient storage" and then restarts,
    I uninstalled reboot restore Windows booted but all programs were gone, As if Windows had been refreshed.
    Reset up my programs reinstalled RRRx and all seems to work now.
    What does the insufficient storage message mean - the HDD is 1Tb with over 900Gb free.
    Any pointers so that I can prevent this happening again please?
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    Hey Xaras VII,

    Thanks for taking the time to post about this.

    First of all, may I ask what build of Reboot Restore Rx you're using? Is it the latest one? We had an issue awhile back with one version that held onto data and over time would occupy drive space. If there's a chance this was an older build, then most likely this was the issue considering the error message you received.

    If not, could you tell me what Windows OS was this on (including if it's Home, Professional, etc.).