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Reboot Restore Rx and PXE booting

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  • Reboot Restore Rx and PXE booting

    Folks - I am experimenting with Reboot Restore Rx and PXE booting. We use FOG to image our PC's and all the PC's boot PXE first and then transfer to the hard drive. I can't seem to get RR to boot without errors. Is there a trick to it that someone might know about?

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    Hey librarymark!

    From what I understand the latest version of FOG should be fine using PXE. Just don't make changes to the harddisk AFTER booting from PXE, as it would bypass our device drivers if you do.



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      I'm having the **EXACT** same issues. On first boot after enabling Reboot Restore RX, the screen goes black with cursor in the upper left, blinking forever. On second boot. I get this screen (seen below hopefully).

      Windows 7, Dell 3420
      Fog 1.3.0 beta 7
      PXE Boot from NIC card on Startup --> Then Hard Drive boot once NIC finds no FOG jobs --> then Reboot Restore RX comes up and freezes.
      Latest Reboot Restore RX downloaded and installed.

      I have used previous versions of Reboot Restore RX in my lab before, this is the first time that it hasn't worked.
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        Additional information. Dialog Box when I click:

        Detect system data crashed(1,1,1), would restore it from backup.

        Uninstalling from "sub-console" doesn't work either. Freezes at 0% on uninstall.
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          Hey deliot,

          Sorry to hear about your troubles!

          If the Uninstall isn't working, please run an MBR reset. Follow these instructions to do so:

          As for the PXE option - it appears to be working on the latest versions, so please heed the advice above and it should work!


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            A non-optimal workaround seems to solve the issue. Currently, I have my boot order as follows:
            Onboard NIC
            Hard Drive

            If I instead make the boot order:
            Hard Drive
            Onboard NIC

            Then Reboot Restore RX starts fine. This may seem like a bad option (and it is suboptimal) since you want each computer to check the fog server FIRST each time it starts for an imaging job. But there is a workaround for this as well. Just hit F12 when you start the computer, and select Onboard NIC when the computer DOES have an imaging job.

            This takes away one of the great features of FOG server, that the clients check in for imaging jobs, but it WILL make Reboot Restore RX and FOG 1.3x work together at least for now.

            I would be welcome a better solution that allows the NIC (FOG) to boot first, then the Hard Drive without Reboot Restore RX crashing!!!!