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Reboot Restore Rx and Windows to Go

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  • Reboot Restore Rx and Windows to Go

    Quick question, can Reboot Restore be installed on a Windows to Go USB device?

    In other words if I set up say a Windows 8.1 system install Reboot Restore and then generate a Windows To Go USB drive from said PC could I then set a restore point on the USB device.

    Basically we're looking to have the ability in our public space if a public user brings in their own laptop to hand them a USB and they can boot off it while there and have access to all our programs, but when they are done and the drive is pulled the next person that uses it gets the same pristine starting image.

    Thanks in advance for the information!


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    Hello TofuBug,

    Welcome to the community! I hope you stick around

    We've tested our software (including Reboot Restore Rx) on Intel Compute Stick, and it works very well. However we have not officially tested it on a Windows To Go USB, so I cannot say for certain it will work. You can attempt to install it yourself, but errors could possibly occur.

    If you do decide to go ahead and try it I'd love to hear the results.