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Error on restore.

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  • Error on restore.

    After working well for weeks, one of the machines ended up with the following error: Detect system data crashed(0.0,1), would restore it from backup.

    It then appears to freeze on restore with several numbers at the top left of the screen as depicted.

    Can anyone shed some light as to A.) What caused this, B.) How to fixe it? C.) What it means.

    I'd really appreciate any help!
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    To get out of this error you can try hitting the 'Home' key when the splash screen first appears and accessing the subconsole. From there you will need to uninstall the software. This will revert back to the day the program was first installed. If there is no physical hard drive failure this should succeed.

    To find out the exact cause of what happened here our tier-3 technicians will need to take a look at the log files in your system. After you've uninstalled and booted back into Windows, please navigate to Program Files --> Shield and copy these four files into a zip file: 128.dat, shield.dat, setup.log, subconsole.log. Then go to and submit a ticket with that zip file attached.

    Once we receive those our tier-3 techs will see exactly what went wrong here.



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      We've had a similar issue as this recently. The machines (2 of them) would do a few reboot loops and get stuck at 5%. Hit the home button and uninstalled and got a "no bootable disk found" error message.

      I guess my question is what would the cause be and is there a better fix than having to reinstall Windows.

      By the way, this was running on an Intel Compute Stick (2GB memory, 32GB Flash and Windows 10). Thanks!


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        I also have this problem. If I reboot the computer this messages comes up every time. I hit the enter button and it goes through a defrag that sometimes takes forever and then it finishes booting up. Also I noticed that since I installed Rollback my other programs take longer to load? I uninstalled Rollback and everything seems to run better now. The computer is Win 7 HP h8-1150z with a AMD FX-8150 eight core processor, 16 GB ram with a 500 GB SSD. I had program installed about a year ago and had so many problems I uninstalled it. Once I did that computer has run with no problems for the whole year until now. Could someone from Horizon Data System please advise what this problem is? It seems you addressed it 2 years ago but never posted back what was found. I will try to reinstall this program on another computer to see how it runs.
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