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Looking for an Alternative for Deep Freeze or steadystate preferably free or cheaper

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  • Looking for an Alternative for Deep Freeze or steadystate preferably free or cheaper

    I'm with a school district and we've used deepfreeze for over 5 years. However recently, my boss says that deep freeze pricing has gone up and for me to investigate options. We are looking for a simple replacement for that works kind of like Microsoft's steadystate use to. I ran into Reboot Restore Rx from a spiceworks forum and so I am here. I am interested in your Reboot Restore Rx as a free replacement, but there are a few holes in your product. First and foremost, why would a school consider it as a replacement for deep freeze when it has no security? My first impression is that any student can easily disable the reboot restore settings with a simple mouse click. Am I missing something? This can't be suitable for any school with this obvious "hole".??

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    If you are looking for an alternative replacement for Microsoft's Steadystate, then you can look at our freeware Reboot Restore Rx. Both are free and restore PC's on every reboot. However, alternative solutions such as deepfreeze are more inline with our Drive Vaccine software. Here are the main differences between deepfreeze and Drive Vaccine:
    1. Deep Freeze can only restore on startup, Whereas Drive Vaccine allows for restore on startup, logoff, end-of-day, weekly or any fixed schedule
    2. Deep Freeze does not have a mini-os or a subconsole.
    3. With the technology behind Drive Vaccine, you have the ability to instantly "Ratchet forward" a baseline update without having to reboot the PC multiple times as is the case with Deep Freeze. This is the primary flaw in the archetecture of Deep Freeze. Since you need to reboot the machine into a "Thawed" state in order to make any changes, it poses a risk if the Windows or AV updates are not compatible with existing applications. If such an issue occurs, you would need to re-image the machine; a process that is very time consuming and defeats the purpose of having this type of automated imaging (if you will).
    4. With Deep Freeze you do not have the built in ability to block USB usage or Internet, which is a feature that is required in many school systems for desktop security
    So basically if you are looking for a freeware alternative for steadystate, you can download our freeware replacement Reboot Restore Rx. Alternatively, if you are looking for more functionality that is similar in concept to deepfreeze then you would want to take a look at our Drive Vaccine software.

    Hope this information helps you out.


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      I am interested in the replacement for steadystate, namely because its free, just like Steady State was. But I don't think that your people know much about steady state. I understand that you wish for users to upgrade to your paid product. But even though Windows steadystate was free you would be able to login with Administrative rights to disable and enable the protection. However, in your Reboot and Restore Rx any student can easily right-click on the icon and disable the restore function.

      With regards to DeepFreeze, the only reason we don't like it is because the cost is too high. I was wondering if you guys are going to update the Reboot Restore with password protection, or if your Vaccine is the only other option.


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        Hello DaShadow, you are correct in Reboot Restore Rx any user right click and disable the restore function, however we are working on a version to be released in few months which will allow only the Administrator to enable or disable protection so this will be a great add on to this great freeware. However if you are seeking for a software that will give you Admin control now then you may want to check out our Drive vaccine software which is a much cheaper alternative for Deep Freeze.
        Reboot Restore Rx™ is a Freeware utility that makes it easy to maintain PC’s in small public access computing environments (classrooms, computer labs, kiosks, internet cafes, libraries, etc.). Every time you restart the PC’s - they will automatically reset to your desired baseline settings. Windows SteadyState - Designed to provide a "Steadier State" for Public Access PC's Reboot Restore Rx is the new Freeware alternative to Windows SteadyState, formerly known as Microsoft's Shared Computer Toolkit. Both the "Toolkit" and Windows SteadyState were discontinued freeware tool developed by Microsoft. Reboot Restore Rx is the complete replacement to Windows Steadystate. The concept behind SteadyState was to provide teachers an easy to administer method for configuring public access computers. It was designed for use on computers shared by many people, such as internet cafes, schools, libraries, etc. In essence Windows Steady State was designed to maintain PC by delivering a "Steady State" SteadyState was available until December 31, 2010 free of charge from Microsoft for computers running Windows XP and Windows Vista. A 64-bit version was never available and Microsoft ceased the continuation of development of Windows SteadyState. Thus as of Windows 7 - Steady State no longer was compatible. Windows SteadyState - Restore PC on Restart Not only does SteadyState return the PC back to its original state, but you can lock down virtually every aspect of the computer from programs to websites and more. Of course you’ll need to be the administrator, and the first thing to do is install current drivers and Windows Updates. Then install programs and configure settings you want to how you want the machine to be every time it’s restored. Once everything is set up and you create different user account, you can let the public have at it. Any changes they make to the configuration will be undone just by restarting the machine. Here we take a look at SteadyState running on a Windows XP machine.


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          DaShadow - not sure if you are still interested, but as you requested to have a better Steadystate alternative, our development team has included the security feature within our Reboot Restore Rx software. The latest build allows only Admin account to view the tray icon. Guest users and regular Windows user can't see the tray icon and so they are not able to enable/disable the protection. Howeever, if you are looking at a true replacement for Deep Freeze then you may want to look at Drive Vaccine, just because of the ability to work with large deployment of PC's and accept Windows OS updates. However, if you just want the simple Reboot and Restore functionality, like the Deep Freeze standard then our Freeware Reboot Restore Rx should suffice. Let me know if you need any assistance. Here is a screenshot of the Drive Vaccine features:

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            So if I use the latest download of the free reboot restore program; I will be able to install the software and access through windows Admin account? But the student accounts or guest account will not display the tray icon? is this correct? If so, this is awesome! I will give it a try and thanks for implementing this feature so quickly. I don't think that Drive Vaccine is the one for us at the moment, as we are looking for something more like steadystate and not deep freeze. but thanks anyways for the info,


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              Hey Dashadow! that is correct Reboot Restore Rx version 2.0 only gives the Administrator enable or disable protection which is a Big up on the old version making it officially the Alternative to windows steady state software. Reboot Restore Rx is indeed what you are looking for if you are looking for something that has been replaced by Windows steady state, since that is no longer supported.


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                Thank you! Thank you! I have been waiting for a option like this so not just anyone can disable the protection. Reboot Restore Rx version 2.0 is now more comparable to Windows steady state!!


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                  Hey, Even I found the cost high as compare to other products. But I think its worth it, considering the product features. Did you ask them for discount? We are using it from last 3 years. As far as I know, they offered us good pricing plans along with discounts.


                  • DaShadow
                    DaShadow commented
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                    I have used SteadyState in the past, as well as Deep Freeze as an replacement, but realistically, if one is looking for a alternative to steadystate it should FREE. Because Windows SteadyState was free.

                    I know that the folks at Horizon and Deep Freeze will provide me with discounts on upgrading to their "enhanced" products. But, at the end of the day all of these solutions restore PC's on restart. That is all that I want for our computer labs. Reboot Restore Rx does what steady state does while still being FREE!

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                  FredMillar, you say its worth using deep freeze because of the features of the product, what exactly are you talking about? what specific features in deep freeze do you mean could you please expand , as I may be interested too but I want to see the comparison if the price is right.
                  Here are some questions I have
                  How do you do windows updates in Drive Vaccine vs Deep freeze and what does it compare to the freeware Reboot Restore Rx?
                  does it support windows 7 embedded?