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Got a few questions about how to use it.

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  • itnithand
    started a topic Got a few questions about how to use it.

    Got a few questions about how to use it.

    I had the idea to use a low spec pc as a sacrificial lamb of sorts to see if some programs are good even though they seem sketchy af. instead of reinstalling windows if something breaks real bad, id use a steady state. they dont have that built into windows anymore afaik so i stumbled upon reboot restore rx.

    it looks great and works right but there are afew things not outlined for the free version.

    how does it deal with windows or graphics updates? does it roll back on a reboot or does it keep that kind of thing?

    If i do run an update, will i have to then reinstall the program to grab the new state or is there some sort of update feature for times like that?
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  • cs@horizondatasys
    It works similiar to the pro where as long as you update the snapshots with the new updates, you're good. You can even update the install baseline snapshot to make sure that includes any new updates.

    No need to reinstall after an update.


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