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Windows 10 Creators Update Using Rollback RX Backup Solution

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  • Windows 10 Creators Update Using Rollback RX Backup Solution

    Hi Folks,

    Microsoft has just released its Windows 10 Creators Update recently which includes new features such as better control of configuring windows updates, which you can pause updates for a week and extend the active hour times of which you don’t want any disruptions on your computer. Better privacy controls, with the ability to review and configure features like diagnostics, speech recognition, locations, and relevant ads. Dynamic Lock is another new feature for windows 10 where it lets you automatically pair a bluetooth device to lock your computer. This gives everybody better control on Windows 10, but what if you needed more protection on your computer? This is where Rollback RX comes in.

    Rollback RX provides you the very best recovery solution for your Windows 10 operating system. Any crashes or headaches you encounter during the Windows 10 Creators Update, Rollback RX will provide you with a complete recovery solution to restore your computer to a working state of your machine and also the very best encryption protection in keeping your computer safe and reliable.

    Have a happy spring everyone!

    To learn more about the update, please visit the link below:
    Microsoft's massive Windows 10 Creators Update is overflowing with fresh features and helpful tweaks. Here's the best.
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    Has the anything to do with the official site because build version on says
    Build: 2701680652
    Last Updated: 18 October 2016
    but if i click the dl button build version is
    Build: 2702327820
    Last Updated: 08 February 2017


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      Hello Kimki,

      Thank you for your response. We normally post the latest build version of Rollback RX on our website which is 10.5 at this time. Please double-check to make sure that the Rollback RX software you've downloaded has the latest build number on there.



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        It seems as if this software works great if your running Windows XP on a system that doesn't have a UEFI Bios or any new hardware past 2007. I imagine your software was written for, and would work great on a PC system Running Windows for Work groups 3.11 on an Intel 286 with a math co-processor, leveraging 2 MB of SIP memory and a 40 MB RLL Drive. Of course you would have to configure the IO card's jumpers properly prior to reboot in order to avoid IRQ violations.... PLAEEEESSSE.... I installed this crap on my system with a clean image and upon reboot it never completed the initial baseline so my system is stuck in a loop of trying to startup and recover. You guys are just giving away cups full of snake oil! And if one's PC happens to be lucky enough for your software to work on it, they end up buying it and going pro. Next thing you know, after an update or restart or maybe even an uncontrolled accidental fart, you end up going ballistic because it has now crashed beyond repair.. We contact support cause they will know how to fix it, but you have the audacity to ask if we have a backup to restore our system from... WHAT.... NAH... not again.. Don't waste your time on someone else's dream... Just use Acronis or something similar and remember to validate your backups. Restore Rx is and always has been just a good idea, that never really became a reality..


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          Hello BigCon805,

          Thank you for your response and feedback. I do apologize about the situation you went through with Reboot Restore RX. Unfortunately there are certain issues and bugs that popup from time to time that we encounter as well, and are doing our very best to have our development team keep up with the update on these fixes so that we can release them for public release, and resolve them right away. We always post the latest updates on our website and social media such as the Windows 10 Compatibility Issue that's happened recently, and shouldn't be too long for the latest release of Reboot Restore RX to be out that would fix the Secure Boot option through the UEFI bios.

          Shainal R
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            Is the issue resolved?
            Can I install and use Rollback Rx's latest version on Win10-64bit-GPT disk (on UEFI or Bios)??


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              Issue has been resolved.