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Fixes For Windows 10 Bugs (Inaccessible Boot Device, Etc.) In New Build

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  • Fixes For Windows 10 Bugs (Inaccessible Boot Device, Etc.) In New Build

    Good news, everyone!

    A new build has been made publicly available today which fixes several bugs reported by our end users including fixes for: BSOD caused by the Windows 10 anniversary update; digital signature errors; inaccessible boot devices errors after installation; as well as a fix for a Windows update related problem by booting from a PE environment.

    Essentially, this build addresses several errors regarding Windows 10. Our testing has been extensive in-house and we’re very proud of this build as it tackles debilitating errors faced by our users.

    These fixes have been applied to: RollBack Rx Professional and Reboot Restore Rx Professional. Fixes for the freeware versions are in the works, but a release date is not confirmed at this time.

    In addition to this fixes users can enjoy a refreshed UI, improvements to the RMC in pushing Windows updates to its end users, a Snapshot Condition feature, and enhanced protection of the MBR.

    Detailed breakdown of new features: