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We Are Windows 10 Compatible (and having a sale to celebrate!)

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  • We Are Windows 10 Compatible (and having a sale to celebrate!)

    Hello folks,

    Today, Oct. 9, 2015, RollBack Rx (Pro and Home), Drive Vaccine, and Reboot Restore Rx are officially Windows 10 compatible.

    The update itself is an in-build update. This means this update is available for free for all v10.x users. Any v10.2 Product ID holder will be able to freely install the newest build with that same key they are using now. Keys from previous versions will need to be upgraded by contacting our support technicians at and choosing Submit a Ticket. Please submit your Product ID and the reason for upgrading in the ticket description.

    To celebrate, we're putting on a sale this weekend! You can get nearly 50% off the software by following this link:

    This update is because of all of you. That is we originally planned to release a Windows 10 compatible build in January, 2016 with a redesigned GUI. But, you wanted it sooner, and we heard you. To release this in-build compatible update.

    We will still be working on a major shift in design for the new year, as well as a redesigned website.

    Thank you all for your patience. Feel free to comment below.