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Weekly Scheduled Snapshot not adhered to?

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  • Weekly Scheduled Snapshot not adhered to?

    Same experience with RB Ver 9.1 as I see now with Ver 10.3:

    I schedule a weekly snapshot to take place Saturday 0900. If my PC is on prior to 0900 on Saturday, the snapshot does occur at 0900. If I turn on my PC some time AFTER 0900 the snapshot does NOT occur on Saturday. Yes, I checked "Autorun missed scheduled tasks at next Login".

    My PC is turned on EVERY Day. The PC may have been turned on after 0900 this past Saturday. The snapshot that should/could have been taken Saturday was taken this morning (Tuesday). I have experienced this for the last few weeks. Note: The scheduled snapshots that have taken last few weeks have not been on the same day either, but NOT on the Saturday, the scheduled day



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    Hey Ira,

    The way the scheduled system with the autorun on missed scheduled tasks at login feature works is if, for instance, you have a task set to run Saturday at 0900 but don't turn on the machine until 1100, then the snapshot will be taken then. Therefore if you do not have the machine on by 0900, then the next time the system is powered on the missed task should run.

    To clarify, are you keeping the machine on every day, or running it in sleep mode?

    If the latter, there have been some bugs with this in the past so if you could PM me your info I'll create a ticket for you. That way a Senior Tech can take a look at the issue more closely. Please include your current build and version number, your Windows OS, and any other details not already added into the post.




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      I thought I was clear when I stated that if / when my PC is turned on after the scheduled snapshot day time, it is NOT TAKEN when PC is turned in. It may be taken next day or after that but no rhyme or reason. I am one who turns my PC off and on more than once per day depending upon the the expected dead time in between.

      I am thinking that it misses the schedule snapshot if I take a user snapshot on day or two PRIOR to the scheduled day for the snapshot. Also, for certain my PC is turned on at some time during the scheduled day of Saturday.

      I never use hibernate. So, it really is NOT WORKING FOR ME. What is your next thought?

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        Thanks for the PM Ira! I'll let you know next steps in that format.

        Let's try and get this fixed for you ASAP.