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  • BSOD Recovery

    Is there a recommended way to recover from a major fault ending in a blue-screen or boot loop? I'm still setting up our first batch of PCs prior to rollout and have managed to trigger this twice.

    The first was my own fault while testing the updating process with Win10 to Build 1903 - lesson learned - disable protection first!
    The second was after some minor changes (installed an application, tweaked files/folders), updated baseline and then later restarted. I ended up with a very brief NTFS FILE SYSTEM screen and a endless boot loop.

    I could get into the subsystem but neither restore baseline or last-good-known would recover the system.
    Finally, I attempted an uninstall and this succeeded in remove RR but I now have a new Win recovery screen with a 0xc000000f error. Neither the recovery environment or startup settings selects work.

    From a Windows boot media, bootrec /rebuildbcd failed so did a chkdsk /f despite correcting a mess of things.


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    Hey John,

    You should make a ticket about this, we have a tool that can help assist you wtih the 2nd issue and then we can proceed to troubleshoot why this happened.

    The first one you can actually select the option to do major feature updates (Located in tools and settings > Settings)