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  • Alternative To Deep Freeze

    Hello so I've been a Deep Freeze user for many years but recently they changed their pricing and licensing and we were being charged much more than we originally paid for Deep Freeze so I'm looking for an alternative. Seeing various sites out there they all recommend Reboot Restore Rx Pro.

    I've downloaded the 14 day trial and it looks good. I'm curious what improvements Reboot Restore Rx Pro has over Deep Freeze. I can determine some myself (automatic updates, more restore options, full compatibility with Windows 10 Feature Updates, etc) but I'm wanting to make sure I know everything before I present this as an alternative to my bosses.

    Any insights are appreciated!

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    I think the biggest thing to consider is time vs cost spent. I've found that RRRX Pro costs less than Deep Freeze and you get more out of it. You mentioned some of these things but for our company it's largely about the Update Management and the Endpoint Manager. Both just make managing the software so much easier. So it costs less and it's easier to use. I can't see why anyone would use Deep Freeze unless you are an all Mac environment (RRRX Pro only supports PC's).