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How Good Of An Alternative Is Reboot Restore Rx Pro To Deep Freeze?

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  • How Good Of An Alternative Is Reboot Restore Rx Pro To Deep Freeze?


    I'm a Director of a library in Massachusetts. We've been using Deep Freeze for a few years, and I was enjoying it. It restored on reboot as I asked, and it was keeping my computers clean. Recently though, we had an issue where the program had an issue, I was back and forth with Faronics support, it's been almost two weeks, with me having to contact their support in India. Which is sometimes not open, or they transfer me. It's a mess, and it sucks because I think it's a good program.

    I got a quote and demo and I'm interested in Reboot Restore Rx Pro. Thing is, I see this page here ( and from this page and what the Account Manager says, I'm confident that the software is a right fit, but I saw that HDS has a forum so I figured I'd see what others say. Interested to hear first hand experiences if any.

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    Is it better then Deep Freeze? Not too familiar with this software. Any advice would help! Thanks


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      YogaCrunch it's good software. We've used it for almost a year now and have been impressed with it. It installs windows updates much easier than Deep Freeze, although both programs have some issues with larger updates like the Fall Creator's Update.

      One thing I like about the program and company is support, I've never had to wait more than a day for a response. Haven't had too many issues but those we did have were short lived.


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        Thanks Rickinator. We had a few minor issues but they were simple configuration conflicts which we resolved with HDS support.

        I'm going to go ahead and purchase the licenses. Thanks for the input!