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Flash / Java (etc.) updates?

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  • Flash / Java (etc.) updates?

    How do you handle updates of Flash & Java (or other analogues)?

    In my case (since I'm obviously fishing for information, I have 20 machines that I'm loading into RMC for the first time. Up to now I've had a customized Ninite installer that was launched nightly by Win Task Manager (and allowed in DV's exception box under Win Update), but I'm looking for a solution that's a little more beautiful.

    Win 7 / 8.1 / 10

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    Hey WMLIan,

    Welcome to the forum!

    Did you intent to post about this in the Reboot Restore Rx Professional threads? I'm going to assume so!

    With any restore on reboot type software the goal is to get the updates ran and put into the Baseline, or freeze point, or whatever word is used. The cleanest methods we've found so far are to:

    1. Use the RMC manually. Turn all connected machines into Manual restore mode. Run your updates. Reset if necessary. Put restore mode back to what it was. Update the Baseline.


    2. In the System Baseline settings tab on your end users, put in a batch file of the updates, or in the case of Ninite, the .exe that is used to run the updates.

    If others have suggestions too, that would be great.

    I'm going to move this thread into the Reboot Restore Rx Pro section!