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Unsigned HSD driver crashed my system

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  • Unsigned HSD driver crashed my system

    Hello everyone,
    After 4-5 years of extended using HSD products, I can only see degradation in software quality and starting to losing confidence...
    Before, I was proud when installed HSD software, especially RB on computers of my clients.
    Today, when I installing HSD products, especially on Windows 10 X64, I am praying for good condition and work after restarts.
    Chanses to hard unrecoverable crash are razing from system to system.
    But the latest hhappenings on my machine puts me in deep thinking to ask you in HSD the following questions:
    What are you doing?
    Are you doing anything serious?
    I am legal customer of RB RX pro, but not using it 3-4 months because I am often testing and uninstalling systems.
    Yesterday, I wanted to install Reboot RX pro.
    It was Windows 10 x64, last regular production build. RB or similar software was never installed on that HDD.
    Downloadad the program from HSD pages, unpacked and started installation.
    X64 installer was started properly and installation went fine until the end...
    Before I gone to restart, for the first time ever, I saw Windows compatibility window which said that All HorizonDataSys drivers, including some shield filters and cannot remember more, and Filter disk, are not properly digitally signed, whatever that mean...
    I was advised to imediately uninstal your software and to consult with HSD what to do next, or to request properly signed drivers.
    But, I didn't listened to the OS messages, because I trusted you HSD...
    I pressed finish button with restart now option checked.
    And, booom!!!
    My computer became crazy!
    Began to turn on, turn off, with different "system failed to start messages"...
    I entered console with home key, and press "Uninstall". Even the program said that uninstallation is complete, you can guess what?
    Sure, your serious program was not uninstalled!!!
    HSD, I am sorry, but I will leave your sinking ship.
    Unfortunately, I cannot find good enough alternative, but I wish to live without HSD new headaches.
    If anyone knows does Deep Freeze work on WIndows 10 X64 UEFI, I will be happy to try.
    If it works on Insider builds, I will be happy more.

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    Hey agasoft,

    First of all, thank you so much for your years of using our software loyally. Through it all, you've been there, and we here at HDS are incredibly appreciative of your support.

    There's one big problem here the team is taking incredibly seriously. That is full Windows 10 compatibility and digital signatures from manufacturers outside of Microsoft. This is our biggest hurdle at the moment, and some of which we assumed were answered after dealing with MS have suddenly come up short when installing against other manufacturers, namely to do with Secure Boot.

    Windows 10. Let's start here. As it is with any new OS there's going to be problems in the first year. We're out of that year now and while our software is more stable on this OS than it's ever been we know there's still work to be done. We expect a new build coming in the next 2-6 weeks to address many of these concerns put forward by our clients for both RollBack Rx and Reboot Restore Rx and their respective Professional Editions.

    Digital Signature errors. Here's the thing: Our program is Authenticoded with Microsoft. We're clear with the big cheese. But there are certain manufacturers using either dated or bugged Secure Boot coding which still flags our program as not being Digitally Signed. This is not true. We are. And we've been trying our best to reach out and address those problems. We continue to work on this and take this issue very seriously.

    Whether you choose to stick with us in the future is up to you, and we hope you do give us a shot, particularly with the next build that's coming out. If not, we once again want to thank you for all your time with us and to have the best of luck in the future.



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      Sure that I want to stay. I am Translator for Serbiaan language for HSD software. But how its possible to have relation with my motherboard? The message apeered before restart, and came directly from Windows. And what is eventual workaround if I come to the same situation again? Can you ask devs what they recommend? Uninstalling before restart imediately, or something else?


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        Hey agasoft,

        Just wanted to know - have you tried the new build that was released on Feb. 8? Did it address your issues?



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          Hi, I've tried the new build on win 10 64bit, dell vostro 15-3568, and got the bsods, and other strange behavior such as not able to shutdown.
          Strange thing is I've got 2 of these machines with same hardware, one seems to work fine, another messed up. I've tried installing both with a deployment file and with regular installation.


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            Hey elor,

            Just wanted to reach out and see if you're still experiencing these problems. How's it going? If so, what is the BSOD error? Are you getting INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE?

            If so please let me know!