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Is there a best practice to survive windows (10) update

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  • Is there a best practice to survive windows (10) update

    We are in a school and we have 60 desktop pc with windows 10 and drive vaccine 10.4. Sometimes our bandwidth drops due to repetitive and massive downloads from windows update . Baseline is updated once a week thru drive vaccine options but probably it should be done more frequently. Is there a better practice to reduce windows update bandwidth comsumption?

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    Hey gio,

    That's a great question!

    If bandwidth consumption is a problem, I would look at a few options. One would be to really tighten up on when and how you push the updates. Read up on SCCM and see if you can organize one machine to download the updates and have that machine push out to the others on a low-usage time, such as early weekend mornings.

    I think trying to ramp up the frequency of Windows updates into Drive Vaccine will just further the problem for you. Instead, you might want to think of organizing your updates to run once a month say on a Sunday at 4 a.m. (assuming that's a good time for no one to be on the machine).



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      Hi Sam.
      Windows server will be not avalable thus SCCM is not an option and W10 update policies seems hard to be controlled. Anyhow thank you for the reply.