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10.5 RMC (in)compatibility

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  • 10.5 RMC (in)compatibility

    Back when I started updating clients to 10.5 from 10.3, I found out the hard way that the RMC version number had to match the client version number. It's rather annoying that the RMC isn't backwards compatible and can't manage older client versions in even a basic fashion but support told me that the only option was to run two separate RMCs. They provided instructions on how to do this on one computer. Running both a 10.3 and a 10.5 RMC on the same computer on two different ports works, silly as it is to have to do it. I still have a few 10.3 clients left to update but I'm close to being able to uninstall the 10.3 RMC. Support assured me that they would pass on my request to let the programmers know that they really need to make the RMC backwards compatible with older clients. Here's hoping.

    However, just this week, I wanted to update to the most recent 10.5 build on the client side as we are starting to test out using the builtin functionality for Windows Updates and the current build lists improvements to that among its features. Much to my disbelief, I discovered that a new BUILD of 10.5, not even a new 10.x version, won't connect to my existing 10.5 RMC.

    Seriously?!? I have to add yet another installation of the RMC on an alternate port just to use the SAME VERSION NUMBER client that is currently available for download? The Drive Vaccine programmers really, *really* need to fix this issue as it's getting utterly ridiculous. I still have about half a dozen 10.3 clients to be moved to 10.5 so this means that, if I use the current build of 10.5, I would need to have THREE different versions of the RMC running on three different ports, just to continue upgrading to the current 10.5 build.

    Fine. It's ridiculous and a nuisance but whatever. Yet another RMC install coming up.

    The saga doesn't end there, unfortunately. First, I tried updating to the current 10.5 RMC build and confirmed that it (still) does not talk to the existing older build 10.5 clients - they all show as offline. Reinstalled the older 10.5 RMC build in order to restore functionality for existing clients.

    Next, I tried installing the current 10.5 RMC build to a different directory and using a different port on the same computer, similar to the procedure given to me by support to run the 10.3 and 10.5 clients on the same machine. It does not work - neither 10.5 RMC would connect. Despite being installed to different directories and being different builds, only one 10.5 RMC install was visible in add/remove programs. I had to uninstall that listing - which broke the older build and removed the 10.5 RMC from add/remove programs - and reinstall the older 10.5 build - again - to restore functionality.

    I really don't want to have to create an additional VM just to run another RMC with the current 10.5 build. Besides, what happens if another 10.5 build or 10.x version gets released that has features/bug fixes that we need? Create yet another VM with yet another RMC install on it? Seriously??

    Surely I'm not the only one struggling with this issue. I'm a one-person IT department dealing with nearly 100 client machines running Drive Vaccine (not to mention the other computers and servers NOT running Drive Vaccine that I'm also responsible for taking care of). I can't update all of these machines in a matter of days - they get updates on a semi-annual to quarterly basis. If the RMC really can't be made backwards compatible then it needs to be able to push an update to the clients as part of its own update and schedule them to apply the update and create a new baseline the next time that they reboot.

    I've reopened my previous ticket rather than creating a new one because I see this as a continuation of the previous RMC issue. Hopefully the answer this time will involve a real solution, not another kludgy workaround.

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    Hey ecl_dcalder,

    This story is the reality at the moment when it comes to the RMC and its compatibility with its end users. Backwards compatibility is something I've personally been striving for with the RMC, but the developers have assured me this is a difficult task -- although not impossible. This is something that is being worked on in upcoming builds. I can't say exactly when, but your frustrations are shared here with members of the team. It would be best to have a backwards compatible RMC to avoid such issues such as the exact ones you've faced. I really am fighting for this to go through ASAP.

    As for now, it may be best to stick with one single version/build of Drive Vaccine you're comfortable with until you're able to fully rollout the systems in one go.

    I do apologize for the frustrations you've faced, but your concerns have been noted and I will pass along your story today to the team.