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What is the status of Drive Cloner Rx development ?

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  • What is the status of Drive Cloner Rx development ?

    Have the SSD errors been fixed ?

    What about compatibility with Windows 10 ?

    Here's my post from almost 2 years ago... and the problem I reference at that time was already known to exist for at least two years.

    I get that things take time, but the Drive Cloner Rx issues are really old. Without a fully functioning Drive Cloner Rx the HDS system is incomplete. I, as well as many others, are tired of relying upon other backup systems that basically smash RBRx snapshots or make the use of really big-hassle workarounds to preserve snapshots and get it all to work together.
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    Seeing people posting from 2016 , regarding creating snapshots with Rollback pro rx and then do a full backup including the snapshots with drive cloner rx and u still do get "Get Protected Disk Part Info is False" error.
    I am in the same boat, got that error. I think Horizondatasys never did fix the problem.


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      It still doesn't work and I can only assume that HDS has no plans to fix it ?


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        Your assumption is correct. If you have any doubts, just check the thread Drive Cloner Rx v. 6 Cannot Create Backup of All Snapshots On SSDs

        Yet, they still advertise that Drive Cloner can save all snapshots.