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Cancel or modify task in tasks management

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  • zaxxon
    started a topic Cancel or modify task in tasks management

    Cancel or modify task in tasks management

    How can I delete a task once I've created it using tasks management??
    I created the task to run incremental, but I don't have a full backup yet, will that work??.
    I clicked start now in tasks management and the status says "Running", but it's not doing anything because the task schedule is not untill Friday.
    I want to delete or modify the task.
    Also when the backup through tasks management begins will it ask me if I would like to backup my Rollback RX snapshots too??


  • ShainalR
    Hello zaxxon,

    Thank you for your response. Here are the answers to your questions below:

    1. You can delete a task in Drive Cloner Rx you've created in the "Tasks Management" by clicking on delete in the menu bar. Be careful however, as there is the Drive Cloner Rx main menu bar on the top and another menu below where under it says "Tasks Management" in the right panel.

    2. For the incremental backup to work, you'd need to have a full backup be created in the software first for this to work.

    3. I did set-up a new task myself to backup my partitions and drives and don't see the option to backup the snapshots with the partition/hard-disk so it looks like it isn't possible to do so.

    If you have any further questions, feel free to let us know!.

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