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Drive Cloner Rx v. 6 Cannot Create Backup of All Snapshots On SSDs

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  • Drive Cloner Rx v. 6 Cannot Create Backup of All Snapshots On SSDs

    Tried Drive Cloner Rx v. 6 on (6) different SSD systems with Rollback Rx v. 10.5 installed.

    Every time one tries to make a backup of All Snapshots, Drive Coner Rx returns:

    "GetProtectedDiskInfo is false"

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    Still issues with Drive Cloner.

    First one is file\folder backup.

    Second one is full disk backup.

    ​Backup destination = USB Flash drive - NTFS or FAT32




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      Hello hjlbx,

      Thank you for your response. For the error message "GetProtectedDiskInfo is false" is unfortunately a known issue and our development is looking into this and will post any updates and changes through social media and our website once it has been fully resolved. In terms of the second issue with the screenshots posted on this topic, I would suggest to submit a ticket as it would make it easier to resolve the issue and find out what is causing the backup image to fail. You can submit a ticket through this link below:


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        This issue is over a year old . See "Help! "GetProtectedDiskPartInfo is false" error message with Drive Cloner Rx 6.0" post below. I've submitted a ticket again asking why Horizon DataSys continues to ignore this bug and provides no updates for Drive Cloner like it does for it's other products.


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          Hello wbrunc,

          Thank you for your response. My apologies again for the issue you've encountered with Drive Cloner Rx. If you've submitted a ticket already, we will respond back to you shortly.