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  • Drive Cloner Error


    I was trying to do a full backup with all snapshots. Immediately after selecting that option and clicking Ok, the following error is given.

    "GetProtectedDiskPartInfo is false"

    See attached.

    When I dismiss the error dialog, I'm back at the main Drive Cloner screen. I can only do a backup without snapshots. What does the attached error mean?

    Dell Insperon 3847, 8 GB Mem
    Win7 Pro 64
    Drive Cloner Rx 6.0 (Build 2700899268)
    RollBack Rx Professional 10.4 (Build 2701484045)
    Seagate 1TB ST1000DM003 HDD

    Fresh reinstall of Windows.

    This is on my Dad's computer, as I have never seen this on any of my PCs.

    I be puzzled.

    **** Edit: Added Image of the drive partitions. As set up by OEM (Dell). [ATTACH=CONFIG]n4100[/ATTACH]
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    Hey FGBU,

    Sorry for the delay!

    The developer looked at this and had this to say:

    After researching the error in the source code, I think the problem is from the mismatch of RollBack and Drive Cloner builds.
    Either his RollBack is too old or too new for the Drive Cloner build that’s he’s using.



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      Thanks for the reply Sam. I replied on the ticket, but also thought I would here also for redundancy.
      I'm sure that the software installations on the system in question are the latest available versions of Rollback and Drive Cloner listed on the website

      Drive Cloner Rx 6.0 (Build 2700899268)
      RollBack Rx Professional 10.4 (Build 2701484045)

      I'm the "IT manager" for my Dad (LOL), so I keep close track of his software configuration.

      - - - - - - - -

      Update: The plot thickens.
      I usually keep my own systems updated with the latest, but on my three PCs I appear to have older builds of both Rollback and Drive cloner and DO NOT have the same problem my Dad has with the latest versions.

      Drive Cloner RX 6.0 (Build 2700575557)
      RollBack RXProfessional 10.4 (Build 2700722190)

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        I have this same issue too. Is this issue ever going to be fixed? I was hoping Drive Cloner Rx 6.0 would work with Roll Back Rx Pro V10.7 snapshots. I'm glad tested *before* buying!


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          Hello randyc,

          Our development team is aware of the "GetProtectedDiskPartInfo is false" issue in Drive Cloner Rx, and are working into a resolution with a release sometime in the future. Please keep checking out our social media and webpage for further updates.


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            Any updates on solving the above issue (a bug which is at least 2 years old).

            It seems to me that Drive Cloner does not work as advertised- it is incapable of saving Rollback RX snapshots !

            Will this ever be fixed ? Otherwise, I suggest withdrawing the product from sale.