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just a little bit of praise for drive cloner rx and the horizon team ^^

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  • just a little bit of praise for drive cloner rx and the horizon team ^^

    ok, so I'm running currently on my editing rig, a core i7 980x running at just shy of 4Ghz, and as of late, not only has my pc been booting up and loading windows and my software slowly as molasses on a cold winters day, but on top of that the entire system has seemingly slowed to a crawl with no apparent signs of why, that is, until just a moment ago....

    I just found out, per running defraggler, that my system has over a fourth of its installed size of over 450 gigs of data, as fragmented data, meaning 150 GIGS of data is fragmented......yep....that'll slow even the fastest system to a crawl......soooo, normally, about this time, I would either spend countless hours trying to defrag my drive and windows, or I'd stress the heck out and debate whether to lose countless hours and days for the process of reinstalling windows from the ground up....

    well....thanks to you guys, I DON'T HAVE TO DO THIS THIS TIME, and given I cant spare the limited free time I have right now from being productive, I'll opt to use drive cloner rx that I now own.... yes please, clone my hdd, and nuke/shred the os drive and clone back onto it...

    the countless hours you guys, just in this one instance, have just saved me, is invaluable, and worth every penny that this software costs, even at full non-sale prices....thank you, thank you immensely, the satisfaction you guys have just given me of knowing I DON'T HAVE TO WASTE WEEKS REINSTALLING BACK TO MY CURRENT STATE.....just....words cannot describe how much happiness this software license for this computer has just given me.....words cannot begin to measure the satisfaction I have right now of knowing that one of my biggest sources of stress with using windows has possibly just been tamed after over 15 years of having this stress source....

    thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you all for this wonderful software, and coupled with rollback rx, thank you so much more.

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    Hey mmd123,

    Really happy to hear your story! Thank you for sharing it. If you ever need anything else, feel free to contact us on live chat, call in, or put up another post

    Thanks again!


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      MMD123... just curious, what does Defraggler say after your religious cloning project about the newly restored drive?