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Drive Cloner Rx 6.0 Official Release

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    Originally posted by Sam Smith View Post

    Interesting. Can you take a full backup of the system?

    Also, you are trying to take a backup and place it onto a separate drive, correct?


    Hi Sam,
    yes, I'm able to take full backup without rollback rx snapshots. and yes, I'm trying to put those backups on external drives.


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      quick question- Can a full backup of a windows system (windows 7) with drive cloner, be imported into VMware? Does the backup create an .iso? or can an .iso be created from the backup to load into a VMware virtual drive? ? I don't know too much about these things-

      My thought is this- I 'might' want to wipe my hard-drive clean- start over with Linux as main operating system, and use windows 7 in a virtual drive, BUT what I would really like to do is, if possible, copy my existing windows 7 setup as it is right now- a 1-1 copy, (with rollback snapshots if possible) and move it to the virtual machine (the reason is I don't particularly want ot update windows to windows 10 for various reasons- so my only real alternative is to use Linux as main drive- and windows in virtual drive for use with all my windows software like photoshop, etc)- I'm not sure if rollback will even work in a virtual drive? If so, I'd like to keep using it in virtual drive to protect the VM installation of windows 7- but it seems like it wouldn't be possible?