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Drive Cloner Rx 6.0 beta

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  • Drive Cloner Rx 6.0 beta

    The time has come.

    The long awaited Drive Cloner Rx v6.0 beta is now officially in testing mode and available to the public!

    For those who are unfamiliar with the software the main new function in 6.0, aside from the smaller changes, is the ability to capture RollBack Rx snapshots and store them on an external device. This feature was not possible on older versions of Drive Cloner Rx and is the next step in ensuring your PC stays protected and secure.

    If you are interested in testing the software you can copy and paste this link into your web browser (it's recommended to use Mozilla or Chrome):

    EDIT: New build released (Nov. 10, 2014):

    Drive Cloner Rx v6.0 will only be able to capture RollBack Rx snapshots that are from version 10.2 and above. Anything under that and the software will not recognize the snapshots on the drive.

    For a 14-day trial of RollBack Rx v10.2 download from here:

    If you are beta testing and encounter any bugs, errors, or simply have any insights, comments, suggestions or questions then please put your responses under this thread.

    Happy testing!
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    I'm very glad that DC 6 Beta appears. I will now testing with RB 10.2. First Question about DRIVE CLONER behaus i used all the years Acronis TI: Ich make first a full Backup from my System: 18 min, 33 GB. DC and TI are similar. I make a inkrementielles Backup ( without changes) : DC Needs 18 min again and 400 MB, Acronis needs 6 min and 600 MB. Why is Acronis faster? I did always thought that incrementiell is faster and less large?


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      Hallo, i have now used the Beta DC 6.0 and RbRx 10.2 . But: something seems wrong: 1. First I make a Full Backup with DC without RB. 2. I install RB...and the Backup is away.No Backupdatei to find more. 3. Importan: Does DC not Save the Subsystem from RB? I have make a Fullbackup with installed RB with 2 Snapshots. I did then deinstalle RB from Pc. Then I will Restore with the backup. After restore it appears the notice on Display that Subsystem is missing.No RB Konsole..No Snapshots.? Why not? Ihave thought that DC 6. x does completly restore my Partition with RB and the Snapshots. My SYstem: Windows 7 Home Premium ,64 bit.


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        Thank you for taking the time to download and test out our software!! It's very appreciated and I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

        For your issue there, it could be coming down to a couple of things since yes, on our in-house testing with the beta does fully capture RollBack Rx, the snapshots, and the subconsole system. If you have done a fullback, you must choose to capture the snapshots as well when the dialogue box opens, as seen in the attached pic on the first post.

        1. What kind of recovery tool were you using? Drive Cloner Rx recovery CD? USB key?
        2. When you're using the recovery tool, are you selecting the correct partition to restore? Be very careful about which partition you're selecting as the beta has shown to sometimes switch the location of the partition name inside the recovery tool. We're working on that. If you're using multiple harddrives and partitions, this can be a bit confusing, so I would be sure to name your drives first so you always know which is which.
        3. Could you open your System Manager, take a screenshot of your partition settings, and send those in to support(at) That way we can see your exact set up and help you further.



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          Hallo Samstag, Thank for the quick answer. Sry for my english, i'm german. Now I have finished my testing. Reasons: My reference is Acronis True Image 2013 with Try& Decide. For some Years i Loved RBRx it was like the earlier Go Back. Acronis and RB, it was not easy to use both. I always did want that Drive Cloner works with RB. But: The new DC is not for me. 1. It does not really works with RB.Espeacally Save the Subsystem. I have a harddisk with 1 Tb with 3 Partition . 1. Systemparition with Win7 Home Premium 64 , 100 GB Ntfs. 2 Partitionen with Ntfs for Games and Medien,Doku etc. Tests: 1. Istalled DC First and make a Fullbackup from my Systempartition. Backupfile 33 GB. 2.then installed RB 10.2 . The Backupfile was away , Not to finde more? 3. After RB installed i Did make some Snapshots and then a full backup again with the SNAPSHOTS. 4. then i did deinstall RB for Testung ob DC Save RB completly. 5. I did restore my Backup .But No subsystems or Snapshots were saved. 6. I did installe RB again. I make some Snapshots and was Testing them.Restore the system with different Snaphots.this was ok. I did inkrementielles Backups with DC. 7.But: I would restore my system now with a Backup . Choosing a Backupfile After starting my pc with an usb Stick with rescue build. I choose my system Partition for restore. It appears the notice : " Bootpart is Not the Same" so i could Not use my backupfiles for restore?? 8.the last Test was restore a deleted partition. In earlier time i could restore a deleted Partition with Rb alone.I did delete my Systempartition and then i would restore with RB .As earlier i chosed a Snapshot to restore. But After starting they System...nothing Happens, No boot from my Windows...? 9. But It was terrible for me that DC Does Not see my deleted Partition for restore with a Backup. .??? True Image see always my deleted Partition ( unzugeordnet) so I can always restore Partition with a Backupfile. This did me Help to restore my Crashs System. 10. Did DC Not have the Funktion to see a empty ( deleted, unzugeordnet) Partition to restore them with abackupfile as True Image. Thats the Reason behaus my Testing is now finished.


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            Notice: When i have installed RB , i see with DC after BOOTING with my USB Stick my Partitions...and a little Partition Named "x" with ca 40 MB. Is this the hidden Partition with the Subsystem? Is this the cause that DC does not Save this partition too when i make a backupfile from my Systempartition ?


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              Hello. First of all i'm glad for posibility to make a capture of rollback snapshots, but now here is my problem. I'm totaly blind computer user, and i'm using screen readers for hep to using computers. Drive cloner rx are unaccesible in some parts. For example no posibility to chek or unchek partitions, or hard disks to backup via keyboard, when press space bar jaws, orn NVDA screen readers sais uncheck and don't aloud me to mar partitions. Also, i think that will be ok that make shotcuts for comon tasks, similar as rollback rx. controll plus b for new backup, controll plus f for backups files and folders, and more... Thanks and best regards.


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                Sorry to hear of the troubles you're facing. It should be that you can use the software to capture RollBack Rx, the snapshots, and the subsystem. It could be you're using too early a build... Could you provide me your build number? I'll address your other points in a bit.


                Ahh, I'm sorry to hear of those issues you're facing. I appreciate your feedback. Let me speak with the developers and see if there's anything we can do to help you utilize the program better with the screen readers. Thanks for your time and patience!


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                  Hallo Samstag, My DC 6.0 i have download from your Link ,Posted 29.10.14 Build: 2699660121 Pls remember that for me is importent too that DC can see a deleted Partion ( unzugeordnet, not allocated) whre i can restore a Partition with a Backupfile.


                  • Sam Smith
                    Sam Smith commented
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                    Hey wokoenig,

                    Could you specify which build number you're using of RollBack Rx? Thanks!

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                  Hi. It's been a long time coming for this version of DC ( too long really ) but here it finally is.

                  I've tested this in a VM (Workstation v10.04). The VM is W7x64 with latest updates, Avast 2015, Zonealarm

         and the latest RollBack (837) and Drivecloner Beta installed.

                  Backup Partitions and Disk (choosing All Snapshots)

                  Backup Issues (Within Live Windows)

                  1. Making the first full backup takes about 30min to backup 30GB of data. (Normal compression). This to me needs

                  some improvement.

                  2. BIG, BIG problem. After making your first full backup, running a second backup and selecting the existing

                  fullbackup file to make an incremental backup ( i see no other way to do this in this section), DELETES the

                  existing full backup and a new full backup starts. No incremental is created. Consequently if this backup is

                  cancelled then your left with no backups at all. (head scratch)

                  PS. I just went through the backup process again, this time choosing to "Only backup the current system" and the

                  same incremental selection window that appears when creating a task appears here as well. Therefore, is it a bug

                  that this window doesnt show during the All snapshots process? As confirmed below (Task management),

                  incrementals can indeed be done with images that contain All snapshots even though they dont restore correctly

                  at this stage.

                  3. While the backup is in progress, your PC slows down considerable. Needs improvement

                  4. While the backup is in progress, clicking on "Hide" hides the windows as expected but if you now click on the

                  desktop icon, the UAC prompt is invoked (shouldnt happen IMO) and the main window opens. It appears responseless

                  (can cause confusion) because the backup progress window is nowhere to be seen. Clicking on the systray icon

                  brings up the backup up progress window and all is good. Hiding and then clicking immediately on the systray

                  icon brings both the main and backup progress windows up as it should.

                  Restore issues (booting from ISO file)

                  Firstly i just want to say that in the PE enviroment ( Cant test Live system restore from within Windows), the

                  restore was actually surprisingly fast (Just over 5 min to restore 30Gb). Well done!

                  1. Just about every restored image invokes chkdsk at first boot (and some of them invoked the "Improper

                  shutdown" from RB). The only time this did not occur is when i deleted the volume, recreated the volume and

                  formated it. It's possible that some corruption may have crept in during my restores because i did not always

                  allow chkdsk to run before taking the next image. But i suspect that regardless there is a problem with

                  restoring a completely intact image.

                  Side Note: Getting rid of the RB subconsole was a real pain in the ***. I dont know if its a VMWare issue but

                  deleting the volume, recreating the volume and formating it still retained the RB subconsole. The only way to

                  get rid of it was to uninstall RB first.

                  Either way, chkdsk did not appear to adversely affect RB. Only on one occassion the VM failed to boot with a

                  BSOD. I tested this allowing chkdsk to run, it BSOD. I then restored and tested it by cancelling chkdsk from

                  running. It made no difference. BSOD still occurred. The great news is that i was able to rollback to the last

                  snapshot and all was good again. This BSOD only occurred on one image which has now been deleted thanks to the

                  issue i mentioned above.

                  2. Even for the restores that did not invoke chkdsk on first boot, when i manually ran chkdsk on them there

                  seemed to be 4 or 5 repairs performed in each image that was restored. This did not seem to affect the integrity

                  of RB but still, fixing this issue would be a great peace of mind.

                  3. Restoring to an unallocated drive is not possible. It does not appear in the selection. This may or may not

                  be a bug. I'll let HDS work that out. However, creating a volume is enough to list the drive in the selection.

                  Formatting like i did is optional.

                  4. Deleting the volume and creating a smaller volume will only allow a full disk restore ie. you cant restore

                  your imaged partition to a smaller one but restoring a full image will resize the destination partition

                  (presumably as long as there is enough room).

                  Tasks management

                  1. Same issue as manual backup in that while the backup is in progress, your PC slows down considerable. Needs


                  2. Not an issue but just to let you know that selecting incremetal backups as a task works properly. I selected

                  the first full backup and an incremental was created. (even though this was an image that contains all


                  3. Creating the above incremetal took just over 10 min. Much faster than fullbackup. This is a plus. However now

                  you just have to get it to restore successfully.

                  General Concerns

                  1. RB has a defrag routine hard coded. While DC is doing its backups, be it manual or scheduled, does RB still

                  execute this defrag? What about if i execute a manual snapshot defrag. Is this something the HDS team have

                  already allowed for?


                  I think that the ability to capture the snapshots in one image is great and a long time coming. This first beta

                  is an excellent indication of how this will all work.

                  I think that optimisation of the backup code and "chkdsk" free restores are the things that HDS should

                  concentrate on first.

                  I dont have much time to test these days so i'll test where i can. I want this to be a stable product to

                  compliment my much loved RB.

                  All my testing was in a VM and only using "Backup Partitions and Disk" (choosing All Snapshots) option. Because

                  I was restoring my live system, Restoring could only be done via a boot disk. In my case an ISO file attached to the


                  That's all for now.
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                  • Sam Smith
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                    First off - thank you so much for your time spent testing out Drive Cloner Rx 6.0 beta. That is majorly appreciated. Check your inbox after this post, I've sent over a couple free keys of RollBack Rx for you to have. You've more than earned it.

                    All of your comments and suggestions are on point. I'm directly copying this message to our developers, and we'll see what we can do about the time issue, the chkdsk issues, the backups being erased, the resources it takes over the PC, etc.

                    1. RB has a defrag routine hard coded. While DC is doing its backups, be it manual or scheduled, does RB still execute this defrag? What about if I execute a manual snapshot defrag. Is this something the HDS team have already allowed for?

                    For the automated defrag that shouldn't be a problem. The software will only run its automated defrag once the system has been reset/rebooted, so during a backup this will not be an issue. However, manually is a different matter. If you choose to run the defrag then yes, it can cause some issues potentially. I'll mention this to our developers, but in the meantime I would not run the defrag while backups are being created.

                    Thanks again and I look forward to hearing more of your responses.

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                  Hi Sam. I've PM'ed you but wanted to also publicly thank you. So Thank you.

                  Will do some more testing over the next few days.



                  • Sam Smith
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                    You're welcome!

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                  Hello again Sam. I cant believe my stupidity. It occurred to me that i hadnt actually run chkdsk on the test VM before i installed RB or DC. So i restored my VM to the state prior to starting all of my testing and ran chkdsk. Long story short, chkdsk made the same corrections as when i was restoring the test images. This makes sense because DC would have captured those inconsistencies in the image. Having said that, sometimes the error corrections were different and greater in number than these original inconsistencies. I'm going to have to run my tests again.

                  Sorry about that. Please disregard all of my findings on chkdsk for now until i get a second run on it. This time with good data.


                  • Sam Smith
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                    Got it! I still think it's interesting to note the differences in the chkdsk however. Thanks carfal!

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                  Sam Smith #9.1 Sam Smith commented Yesterday, 09:09 AM Hey wokoenig, Could you specify which build number you're using of RollBack Rx? Thanks! Hello Sam Smith: RB Rx 10.2 Build: 2699597837 Hope that you find solutions to all my problems .thx


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                    Thanks wokoenig! Got it.

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                  Hello, I am interested in receiving the Drive Cloner Rx BETA software. I have just registered as mg1.


                  • Sam Smith
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                    Hello mg1,

                    Great! I'll paste here what the top comment of the thread contains (the download link for the software):

                    If you are interested in testing the software you can copy and paste this link into your web browser (it's recommended to use Mozilla or Chrome): Cloner Rx/beta/dc_v6_beta.exe

                    Thanks! Let me know if you have any questions or comments!

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                  Hello mr. Smith, hope all is well. I had seen the link but it was not working and then copied the comple line not just the highlighted and am now downloading. Thanks. Also, under normal setup should we install DC before RB? ( I should be starting up my testing in the next few days ) I have always like very much RB but obviously it had a main flaw and now with this BETA DC hopefully we can get this software up to the top of fallback imaging software. I have running now EaseUS 7.5 and (i have TImage 2015 & Paragon 14 that I will probably be throwing into the mix as we go along. Take care mg1


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                    Thanks mg1, I'm doing very well thanks. Hope you are too!

                    Under a normal setup it really comes down to preference. For myself, however, I would install RollBack first and then install Drive Cloner Rx. I'm very glad you're taking the time out of your day to check out the beta. Feel free to message me any questions or comments. Cheers!