Reboot Restore Rx: The Go-to SteadyState Alternative Delivers More Administrator Functionality at the Heels of T&L Award of Excellence

Horizon DataSys' Reboot Restore Rx, the winner of the highly coveted Tech & Learning’s 31st Annual Awards of Excellence, is the freeware alternative to Microsoft's discontinued SteadyState. Reboot Restore Rx now comes with new enhancements to simplify public PC management.

Blaine, WA (PRWEB) February 26, 2014

Horizon DataSys announced today, the latest version 2.0 enhancements to their auto PC restore freeware. Reboot Restore Rx returns any Windows-based PC back to an administrator-defined restore point (or "baseline") using their reboot on restore technology. Once a user has ended their session the PC will automatically reset to its baseline and so the next user would be presented with a pristine PC system state. Reboot Restore Rx is targeted toward public access environments such as schools, community centers, libraries, kiosk stands; anywhere where multiple people log-on to a single public PC.

The latest enhancements built into Reboot Restore Rx v2.0 are full Windows 8 compatibility, UEFI/EFI firmware support, integration for today's larger GPT harddrives, but more importantly, users can not change the Reboot Restore Rx settings. With the latest build of Reboot Restore Rx, only root Administrators can access the Reboot Restore Rx console and modify baseline settings. This was the single most important aspect that was heavily criticized by users regarding the initial security of version Reboot Restore Rx Version 1.0.

Reboot Restore Rx was awarded the Tech & Learning's 31st Annual Awards of Excellence for 'Best New Products of 2013'. "We wanted to offer a free entry point for non-profit clients with severely limited budgets, without compromising Admin security." Lyle Patel, President, explains. "It's a simple concept, and follows in line with the offering of Windows Steady State. On every restart, it'll just undo all the changes the user made."

Reboot Restore Rx's that allows public PC users to have full access to their workstations. Users can attempt to do their worst -- download viruses, delete Windows registry entries, install games, etcetera. But once the user has rebooted the machine, everything on the computer will return to the baseline configuration, discarding any and all changes. With Reboot Restore Rx installed, IT professionals no longer need to lockdown the PCs limiting the functionality of the workstations. They also don't have to troubleshoot user issues or to perform rebuilds of the systems using re-imaging or otherwise re-installing Windows from scratch. It was introduced just this year as an alternative to Windows Steady State. Microsoft discontinued SteadyState in December 2010.

But best of all, Reboot Restore Rx makes it simple to move the baseline forward to incorporate Windows and program updates after testing to ensure that these updates work without issue. Reboot Restore Rx is often viewed as write-protecting the hard drive.

Recently, Reboot Restore Rx released a new product video which was shoot in Austin TX where the award was received. Reboot Restore Rx is also favorably compared to many commercial restore on reboot software solutions on forums and portals. Furthermore, our flagship PC time machine software, RollBack Rx made news by empowering users to easily recover from Cryptolocker ransomware infections. Many virus removal utilities entail patching of infected files. While these programs were been able to remove the Cryptolocker Trojan horse, they were unable to recover the many files that had become encrypted by Cryptolocker. Cryptolocker was able to completely bypass many of this anti-virus protection. Many such malware-scanning utilities even failed to detect Cryptolocker hidden in packaged files. Reboot Restore Rx, on the other hand, was able to restore infected PCs on a bit-for-bit basis back to the original system state.

Horizon DataSys Corporation is a privately held software company headquartered in Blaine, Washington which develops, publishes, and distributes branded computer software applications specializing in end-point PC management, OS integrity, and instant restore.