Cyber Criminals are Hard at Work on Plans to Hijack Your Computer: Ransomware Extortion Franchise for Sale

Internet security firm Malware Must Die notified authorities that they've been monitoring online thread in which a cyber criminal detailed how he/she had nearly completed work on a new variant on Crytolocker called Prisonlocker. Internet blogs are abuzz with rumors of this Prisonlocker (or PowerLocker) which is projected to be a trojan-creation utility. This new do-it-yourself ransomware is expected to be even nastier than Cryptolocker. According to these internet forums, hacker wannabes can create their own customizable version of Prisonlocker using this malware tool-kit and is expected to cost $100 each. Hacker wannabes will have a financial motivation to create their own Prisonlocker variant and start new infections.

For those unfamiliar with Cryptolocker ransomware: This ia a virulent new trojan horse, that surfaced in early September 2013. It takes your data hostage and demands an exorbitant ransom to release it. It threatens that once the allotted time has expired your personal files will become undecipherable. RollBack Rx has been deployed successfully against Cryptolocker and is your best line of defense against this rapidly spreading malware.

Prisonlocker, the new variant of Cryptolocker, is projected to be a do-it-yourself ransomware kit that will allow black market criminals to extort money by spreading their own customized version. The Hack Forum (where the criminal minds had their discussion) detailed how Prisonlocker, their new Frankenstein creation, will be worse than Cryptolocker:

It will prevent its victim PC users from undertaking actions that would attempt to remove the malware by disabling some Windows functions such as Taskmanager, the command prompt, and registry editor msconfig.exe, Windows Explorer as well as detecting and disabling removal utilities. All of which should make it more difficult to detect and block the ransomware. Other recent developments on the Cryptolocker code also include turning its Trojan core into to a worm so that it searches for flash drives and mapped or connected network drives and infects them too. And Prisonlocker will encrypt nearly all files on the system; Cryptolocker only targeted a few file types in comparison.

What Should You Do to Avoid Becoming a Victim?

Here is, in our humble opinion, the best precaution you can take to secure your system from this or any other malware attack:

Internet security experts agree that the best recommendation to completely remove Prisonlocker even after your computer has been infected is to take the proactive step of installing RollBack Rx. RollBack Rx has been proven to remove all traces of an infection and to recover encrypted files. RollBack Rx has been successful in completely preventing and even removing Cryptolocker and we don't see any reason why Prisonlocker would be any different. But you must have RollBack Rx installed in advance for it to work. Horizon DataSys' RollBack Rx is the only solution that's guaranteed to keep your system safe and protected from Cryptolocker, Prisonlocker, and other such serious malware.